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Sabin is a leading Brazilian Health Diagnostic company lead by 2 amazing women.


Sabin was a small business when I first joined the team. They had around 60 employees and 3 clinics in Brasilia. As a health business, we had 3 different clients: the patient, the doctors, and the health insurance companies. I developed and implemented a communication strategy for each of the clients and as a result, very soon Sabin becomes the number one on the Top of Mind research, reference regarding blood tests in the industry and a must-have on the insurance companies coverage.


It was a natural move when I returned from London and start to work as an M&A and Expansion manager. I knew the company from the bottom of its essence, and the market needs and opportunities for growth. One of my projects that I am most proud of, was to identify the need to create the company Brand Book. Sabin is from more than 15 years among the best places to work in Brazil and in South America, and its internal culture is for sure, the secret of the company's success. The brand book had the responsibility to create an instant connection with the new employees in different cities.


As Marketing Manager:

. Built the marketing department;

. Create and implement a marketing plan for each “client”;

. Working with advertising agencies and stakeholders;

. Manage budget;

. Hire and lead a marketing team;

. Set KPIs and goals to measure results;

As M&A and Expansion Manager:

. Create and implement the expansion plan meeting the short, medium

and long-term company goals;

. Conduct researches and Identify market opportunities;

. Report and create reports to directors, pairs and the company board;

. Manage budget and all resources needed to start new operations;

. Define KPIs and goals to measure results;

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