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Holistix Journey

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Holistix is leading the Brazilian market for wellness products.

Founded in 2018 and launched in 2019 in Brazil, they have more than 500k clients selling products such as tong scrapers, dry brushes, superfoods mixtures and other wellness consumer goods.


They want to create their first digital product focused on inspiring, educating and engaging the community and create a new revenue stream for the company.


Our goal was to create a MVP to test the product market fit, formats, content and the internal team capacity to deliver the product. I Worked closely with the founder and some team member to create the concept of the product, identify the opportunities and the target, define the mechanics, and manage the execution.


As an MVP, we used WhatsApp to create groups. For 4 weeks divided in the 4 main company pillars: Food, Mental Hygiene, Movement and Sleep, we send text messages with daily tips and images graphics, to inspire, educate and engage the customer to build a healthier routine. During the Journey we streamed podcasts, live events, videos, e-books, and surveys. All the content and materials were created especially for the journey and following the product brand guidelines.


Also, I was in charge of the communication plan, based on Instagram. We release a teaser campaign one week before the sales and sold 411 journeys in 3 days.

48% of the customers used a promotional coupon to buy products increasing the MVP revenue in 56%.

IG campaing
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Dailly Tips on Whatsapp Group
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