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Bora Bike

Bora Bike institutional video


Bora Bike was born at Señores to encourage our team to cycle to work.

We desired to contribute to a better world and show that this is only possible with an individual attitude: a difficult mission but incredibly motivating.

A lot of people talk about helping, and we decide to get up and do it. We decided to get up and cycle for a better world, reinforcing people's relationship with the cities in which they live.

The horns, the smoke, the traffic jams that result in stress, health problems, and dissatisfaction have been transformed into the will to go to the streets and cycle.


Partner companies have achieved positive results such as cost reductions with transportation, improved employee productivity, and the work environment quality. Cyclists burned calories, became happier people, and often got faster to their destinations, avoiding traffic.


From 2014 to January 2020, we cycled a lot! We went to the moon and came back a few times. There were 21,116 registered cyclists, 133,093 rides, and 51 partner companies.


. I wrote the business plan, and it was my thesis during my MBA. I was responsible for making it happen after;

. I hired and led a team of developers, UX/designers, data scientist, and other professionals involved in the process;

. We followed Lean Startup principles and used Agile methodology. I acted as a scrum master and product manager; 

. I had the company vision and was involved in everything we did, wearing all kinds of hats to keep the business running, from office administration, leading new business meetings, and pitching the company in relevant events.

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