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Albert Einstein once said that, and I couldn’t agree more. Creativity is so good that it makes people feel good. It makes people think and sometimes makes people laugh. Creativity starts conversations, and it connects each other. It triggers curiosity and shows us different perspectives. Creativity is very often related to an artistic mind, but what fascinates me is that creativity can have a process, and it can be a process to solve problems.


I like to apply a creative process to the way I work. I mean that I mix methodology and logic (approach) to imagination and experimentation (creativity). When I look through my work experience, I notice that I have always been creating something. It starts with my degree: I am a Graphic Designer. My very first works were to make all kinds of branding and graphic materials for business. That creative process molded my mind forever.


I founded my first advertising agency in 1998. I migrate from that to work at Sabin Health Diagnostic to build the company marketing department. I hired the team, the agency, created the processes, and as a result, we increased brand awareness and became #1 on market share. As a London project manager, I was the first employee of W3Haus (my coworkers were two founders), and Facebook just showed up. We start to deliver Facebook apps and social media campaigns and getting used to smartphones. It changed everything.


In São Paulo, I went straight back to Sabin as an M&A and Expansion Manager to start from scratch (again!) to expand its operations across Brazil. In the first year, we opened five new operations in 5 different cities. An instant upgrade to my mileage program! 


In 2013, my husband was founding Señores, a Creative Lab, and invited me to jump in. I didn’t think twice. We made history by being the first Brazilian small agency to win an AdAge Small Agency Award. Managing the office, the clients, and the projects and leading the team amused me, but traffic in São Paulo stressed everyone. So, we created and implemented Bora Bike for our employees to ride a bike to work. It changed my lifestyle, and it was awesome! In 2016 Bora Bike was launched. We were featured at SXSW’16, and we made people change habits and get a healthier, greener, and happier commute.


In January 2020, I had to pull the plug of Bora Bike. I wore lots of hats (and helmets) since the beginning, and sometimes on top of the other. I had to learn fast what I didn’t know, sometimes learn from mistakes, but celebrate more than ever when I did it right. Seeing your daily work tasks turning into a brand-new service, a product, achieving positive results, generating profits, engaging customers, and growing every day is what motivates me the most.


As you can see, I’ve been having a lot of fun!

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